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Treating Injured Feds

Our federal workers' compensation doctors have the experience needed to properly handle and treat your DOL-OWCP injury. We provide the best injury care and the best case management so that your claim is filed correctly.

Free Claims Assistance & Case Management

If you file your OWCP claim incorrectly you could be denied your benefits. Our expert DOL-OWCP case managers will work with you to help you complete and submit the proper forms so you can receive the injury care and benefits you deserve.


Federal Workers' Compensation Doctors

Have you been injured while working for the federal government? Superior's federal workers' compensation doctors offer a vast array of treatment options and injury rehab for injured federal employees. We treat injured feds under the DOL-OWCP and in compliance with the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)

Why Choose Our DOL-OWCP Doctors?

  • Free case management and advocacy
  • Full medical diagnostics and examination
  • Continued process evaluation and physical therapy
  • Excellent pain management program
  • Experienced work injury treatment and care

More About Federal Workers Compensation

Several thousand federal employees are injured every year while working for the federal government. Unfortunately, many of these injured federal workers are unable to find a doctor that is experienced in treating DOL-OWCP cases. In many cases, these injured feds go to their primary care physician. While their PCP may be able to provide excellent treatment, too often these doctors do not know how to properly handle the documentation that is needed for the injured federal employee to get the benefits they deserve, therefore the injured federal employee have to pay for the care out-of-pocket. This is unfortunate for the injured federal worker because FECA affords them the right to choose their treating doctor and to receive full medical care and wage compensation for their injuries. This is why it is important to choose a treating doctor that is experienced in treating DOL-OWCP cases.

Superior's team of experienced federal workers' compensation doctors offer free case management to ensure every patient correctly files their claim, remains compliant with the OWCP and OIG guidelines, and receives all of the federalworkers compensation benefits they deserve. For more information about our experience and ability to help injured federal employees properly file their claim please call our front office at (817) 727-4730.

To obtain more detailed information about the rights and benefits afforded to injured federal employees and contractors please visit the following websites:


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