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What Should I Do After An Accident At Work?

What Should I Do After an Accident at Work?

Getting into an accident at work is always a possibility. While it happens far less in some industries and careers than others, work related accidents are a very real thing and it’s important for you to understand what you can do and what you’re eligible for under certain employers.

So what do you do if you’ve just experienced an accident at the workplace?

Get Medical Attention First!

Before you do anything, make sure to get medical attention and treatment as necessary. It may not always be possible to determine the severity of an accident, as some accidents can be fairly minor but others can be more severe (even if they look “okay”). Always treat the accident first with first aid or medical treatment.

Notify a Supervisor or Manager as Soon as Possible

When an accident happens, whether it’s you or someone else on the workforce, the supervisor on duty or another high ranking employee on the team needs to be made aware of the incident. In fact, if the injury is not reported within a certain time frame (30 days) from the date of the accident, there is a huge risk of losing out on the right to get workers compensation benefits.

Complete Any Required Claims for Worker’s Compensation as Needed

It’s critical that you take your time in filling out workers compensation paperwork. Talk to your supervisor and/or employer to learn more about the workers compensation process and as you search for a workers compensation doctor. Failing to fill out the paperwork correctly could mean a loss in the right to gain workers compensation benefits.

Keep Up with Doctor’s Orders and Treatment

Last but not least is to stay on top of the orders and treatment prescribed by your workers compensation doctor. This will help you to make a smooth and quick recovery so that you can get back to your job or alleviate any injury related pain and soreness.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a workers compensation doctor. We can help patients through a wide range of injury related situations that occur while on the job. Each workers compensation doctor is experienced with workers compensation programs and can help you navigate through the process effectively.

Experience Matters

If you’ve ever been injured on the job, the importance of seeing the right doctor related to your injury cannot be overstated. While the types of injuries sustained at work can likely be treated by your primary care physician, it's important to know that the process of filing your workers compensation claim requires the doctor to fill out several forms. Seeing a doctor without experience in handling workers compensation claims can cause a delay or even a denial of your claim. Therefore, while your primary care doctor may be a very skilled physician, it’s worth noting that you should see a doctor with experience handling workers compensation cases.

Arlington Injury Rehab has the experience in handling workers compensation cases that injured workers need. Competent workers compensation doctors will be able to provide you the guidance to make sure that your medical narrative is properly put together and that your treatment plan takes into consideration your injury and your recovery.

Navigating your on the job injury comes with its own difficulties and struggles, but choosing the right doctor doesn’t need to add to the already complicated process of filing your workers compensation claim. Arlington Injury Rehab can give you the peace of mind that you need as you pick a doctor to treat your on the job injury.

Choosing the Right Doctor

Your work environment is full of all kinds of potential hazards from the miniscule to the serious. There are risks of tripping and falling, straining your back, vehicle accident, machinery failure that leads to injury or even just human error. The presence of these persistent risks means that the likelihood of a workplace injury is fairly high.

Should you suffer an injury at work and need to file a workers’ compensation claim, you are going to need a doctor who is familiar with the process. While your primary care physician may be a skilled doctor, in these types of injury cases, it will serve you better to have a workers compensation doctor who knows the forms and the procedure to help you receive both the care and the compensation that you need. Arlington Injury Rehab has that experience

Get the peace of mind that you need in the wake of your injury by selecting Arlington Injury Rehab as your workers compensation doctor.

Finding a Workers Compensation Doctor to Help You

While an injury at work can be a hardship, it doesn’t have to be extremely complicated. After notifying your employer of your accident, they will usually instruct you to go to one of their clinics to see a doctor. You can choose to do that, or you also have the freedom to look for your own workers compensation doctor.


The first step in any case is to determine exactly what is wrong. Once you are aware of your injury, then you and your workers compensation doctor can begin to work out a plan to get you healthy and back to work. Determining your treatment and submitting the needs to the insurance company will begin the process of getting you healthy again. As long as you listen to your doctor and follow his advice, you will begin the path to getting better.

Filing the Claims

When you have narrowed down which workers compensation doctor you are going to work with, their office staff will begin the process of filing all of your medical claims with your adjuster. This will be helpful to you so that you can focus on your health rather than acquiring copies of records and tests and then sending them to the insurance company. The office staff will be experienced at this and be able to file the claims much easier on your behalf.

Follow the Treatment Plan

Once a plan is in place and has been approved, then follow the doctor’s advice and you should be on the road to recovery. If at any point you have questions about your treatments or procedures, your doctor will be able to answer any of your questions. Understanding what is needed from you is very important so that you can stay on the right path of success and so that you can be on your feet and back to work quickly.

Returning to Work

Once you have been released back to work, make sure you are aware of what you can and cannot do on the job. There will be some things that your doctor will not want you doing right away. Discuss these timelines with your doctor and have them in writing for your employer when you return to work. That way everyone knows what you are capable of doing and they will not be expecting you to do more that you are able. Not injuring yourself again by doing too much is very important.