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Finding a Workers Compensation Doctor to Help You

While an injury at work can be a hardship, it doesn’t have to be extremely complicated. After notifying your employer of your accident, they will usually instruct you to go to one of their clinics to see a doctor. You can choose to do that, or you also have the freedom to look for your own workers compensation doctor.


The first step in any case is to determine exactly what is wrong. Once you are aware of your injury, then you and your workers compensation doctor can begin to work out a plan to get you healthy and back to work. Determining your treatment and submitting the needs to the insurance company will begin the process of getting you healthy again. As long as you listen to your doctor and follow his advice, you will begin the path to getting better.

Filing the Claims

When you have narrowed down which workers compensation doctor you are going to work with, their office staff will begin the process of filing all of your medical claims with your adjuster. This will be helpful to you so that you can focus on your health rather than acquiring copies of records and tests and then sending them to the insurance company. The office staff will be experienced at this and be able to file the claims much easier on your behalf.

Follow the Treatment Plan

Once a plan is in place and has been approved, then follow the doctor’s advice and you should be on the road to recovery. If at any point you have questions about your treatments or procedures, your doctor will be able to answer any of your questions. Understanding what is needed from you is very important so that you can stay on the right path of success and so that you can be on your feet and back to work quickly.

Returning to Work

Once you have been released back to work, make sure you are aware of what you can and cannot do on the job. There will be some things that your doctor will not want you doing right away. Discuss these timelines with your doctor and have them in writing for your employer when you return to work. That way everyone knows what you are capable of doing and they will not be expecting you to do more that you are able. Not injuring yourself again by doing too much is very important. 

How a Personal Injury Doctor can Help you Through the Tough Times

Usually if a doctor promotes himself as a personal injury doctor his experience can eliminate a lot of the headaches that you can encounter. From treatments and attorneys to the concerns about money will all be handled effortlessly so you can focus on getting better.

Personalized Services

Everyone is different, just as every injury is different. Your personal injury doctor should ask the right questions in the initial consultation so they feels like they know you and your needs. The doctor is going to be dealing with you for a while very likely so they need to know more than just your current injury. Previous injuries could be important in the cause of this injury or a clue on how to best treat this injury to relieve your pain and help you feel better soon.

Dealing with the Legal Stuff

Personal injury doctors help you by dealing directly with your attorney and providing them with the vital information they need to pursue a legal action. You have enough to deal with when you are in pain, going through treatment and trying to manage your day to day life. Handling the intricate details of the medical information should be left to your doctor since he is the expert.

Getting Back to Work and Daily Life

Advancements in the medical industry have allowed personal injury doctors to achieve wonderful things for patients. Once they isolate the injury and create a plan of action for your treatment then it is only a matter of time before things will return to normal for you. Knowing you have responsibilities to take care of, your treatment should be focused on allowing you to get back to work and earning your living quickly. Family and daily activities should also be a focus so that your normal daily life continues as soon as possible.

Being injured doesn’t have to mean a lot of headaches and worries. Let your personal injury doctor help eliminate some of those worries and do what they are trained to do. They will work on relieving the pain, healing and helping you return to what you love to do as well as handling all of the requests from the attorneys so you don’t have to. Focusing on the main goal of feeling better is important to both you and your doctor. 


4 Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Doctor

When you meet with a personal injury doctor after you have been through an accident, there will be multiple thoughts going through your head. While you will want to organize these thoughts, it can be difficult because many people that go through a personal injury, don’t have much experience in what their next steps should be. Here we look at four questions that you should ask your personal injury doctor to ensure you find the right one for you.

#1: Have You Worked with Personal Injury Attorneys Before?

After an accident, you should immediately visit a person injury doctor. Here you can get the medical care you need, and be sure you ask them if they have worked with attorneys before. This will make a difference because you may find yourself seeking compensation for the injury, and you need a personal injury doctor that understands the legal aspect and how it connects to the medical side of things.

#2: When Can I Go Back to Work?

While the personal injury doctor may not be able to give you a definite date of when you can return, they may be able to let you know whether it will be a few weeks, months, and what you can expect from the recovery process. This way, you will know as your body heals, when you will be getting closer to knowing a more permanent date of return.

#3: What Are My Limitations for Activity?

You should always follow your personal injury doctor’s instructions because if you don’t, the insurance company may try to prove that you contributed to making your injury more severe than it really was. Your personal injury doctor will understand this and give you very specific instructions for recovery. Make sure that you follow these to the letter, and you will get a better outcome financially and medically.

#4: What Are My Treatment Options?

Your personal injury doctor will review your options with you, and you want to make sure you understand what the advantages are for each one and what the risks are. Knowing what all of your options are will allow you to think about what would be best for you and give you time to do research to learn more about them. Trust that the best personal injury doctor will put your health first so that you can get back to work.  

3 Myths About DOL Doctors Debunked

If you have ever been through an injury that you deserved compensation for, you already know how important it is to involve a DOL doctor. However, if you are going through a situation that involves workers compensation, and you are looking for the best way to move forward, you may have heard about DOL doctors, but never experienced being the patient of one. Here we uncover three myths about DOL doctors so that you can move forward in finding the right care for your needs. 

#1: Your Company Gets to Choose Your Doctor

If you have suffered from an injury on the job and you are getting federal workers comp, many companies will send you to a doctor they have selected. However, you should know that you do not have to choose this doctor to provide you with patient care. You can select a doctor that is experienced with workers compensation and understands the legal language and proper documentation that is essential in these cases. Plus, they won’t be working on behalf of your company, but will make you the priority, so you can count on unbiased care. 

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#2: They Have the Same Experience as Any Other Doctor

You already know that there are different types of doctors depending on your injury; however, one thing that sets a DOL doctor apart is there understanding of the documentations and communication with other parties involved. Insurance companies, lawyers, and employers will all be communicating with the DOL doctor when it involves federal workers comp, and you want to be sure that you have someone by your side that knows how to rely medical messages and identify in the paperwork clearly how your injury is related to the work motions. 

#3: The Process of Recovery Takes Longer

It’s understandable that you want to get through the injury quickly so that you can go back to work, and going with a doctor outside your company for workers compensation will take longer. But the truth is, a DOL doctor will work diligently to ensure you get both the recovery and compensation you deserve. They can help if you have been in an auto injury or if you have slipped and fallen, and the first thing you can do to get the process started is to call and schedule a free consultation to get questions answered and concerns addressed.